I’ve been taking it a lot easier on the running these past few months. Running a full marathon was a lot of work! But this does not mean I’ve stopped running!

After taking a few days to recover from the pains of finishing my first full marathon, I got back to work preparing for my next half marathon. The Best Damn Race Orlando.

I planned on this being just a fun run with my best friend. We didn’t have a set time in mind, we just wanted to finish together. This day was cloudy and keep the temperature down for a great run. I finished right around the time I was thinking I would do in just under 2:00.

Even though I wanted this to just be a fun run, I can never hold back on trying to do my very best. I pushed myself pretty hard towards the end when I saw that 2:00 time coming up! I hurt my ankle a bit by pushing harder than my body was prepared for at that time but feeling much better already.


I wanna take the next few months to let my body rest more, maybe do a few 5ks here and there before I get ready for my next challenge: The Disneyland Half Marathon. This will be the first time I travel out side of the state for a race and my first Coast-to-Coast challenge. I know I can earn this challenge medal by simply finishing, but I want more! My goal time for the Disneyland Half will be 1:45:00 and I’ll need my body to be pain free to make this happen.

I have a new tool to help me with my running. I’ve been a wearer of the Fitbit Flex for almost 2 years now, and have of this week upgraded to the new Fitbit Surge. I had previously been using a Magellan Echo watch to view my runs on my wrist while running and it has been a great companion. The Surge will take both these two devices and put them into one “Super Watch”!

Today I took my first GPS run with the watch and everything worked out perfectly. The Surge has been very easy to use for time and steps and just as easy to get a run going with just a few presses of the buttons. It’s going to be great on race days instead of fighting with a iPhone app right before the gun goes off.

File Mar 11, 9 32 26 AM

The great addition of the Surge will also show me my heart rate, which has already proven useful with my cross trainer FitStar, it shows me in real time how much effort into the moves I’m putting so I can strive to work harder.

File Mar 11, 10 27 12 AMFile Mar 11, 10 26 57 AM


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