Why do you run?

As I finish up my 3rd week of my 18 week Disneyland Half Marathon training plan from Hanson Coaching. It brings me to think about why I’m working so hard for my goals. It’s always been pretty simple. I do it for myself for the love of the sport. But what if I was able to do it for someone else?


That’s exactly what I plan I doing for this September’s race even in California. I’m running on behalf of Noah’s Light Foundation. This amazing organization is working hard to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer by supporting visionary doctors in pediatric oncology, funding new research in the field, raising awareness of our cause, and enriching the lives of the brave children struggling with this disease.

I couldn’t be more proud to be running for #TeamNoah. I’m asking for help in my quest to raise $500 for the foundation so that Noah’s Light Foundation can “light the path” with enough philanthropic dollars to achieve expeditious research.

It’s very easy to donate. Simply follow this link: http://goo.gl/1j9E4A All donations go directly to them securely.



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