Setting Goals

Setting goals, in my opinion is the most important step success. If you don’t know the end point, how will you get there? Setting a goal is easy! I often get asked “Frank how do you stay so motivated?” I always reply, “I always have a goal” My goal setting is most often in the form of a race event. After I finish one, I will quickly find another.

This year’s big end goal is the NYC Marathon, but to break it down I have little mini goals in between. This week I will be running a 5k race, and am signed up for a few others throughout the summer as you can see my running calendar to the right.

Setting a goal is set up, after that it’s all up to you to work towards it. The next challenge is “Now what?” So you signed up for your 5k, how far to you train? How many days do you run? What really helped me get started was Nike Coach. Since you might already be running with Nike Running, the coach feature is built right in and the best tool I like to tell my friends who are just getting started. You enter the date of your race and Nike Coach will  build a plan of how much and when to run. It will send you notifications the day before so you can make sure to get enough sleep!

Now going on week 3 working with Coach Kyle and I so far love the workouts he’s been assigning me. I also love not having to think about the schedule myself and just run what I’m told. But he’s able to go week by week with my schedule, taking into consideration the up coming races and the best way to get there. I look forward to the rest of the year working together so that I can improve my running all around and finish strong this November in New York!

I’m trying to keep a written running journal now as well, it’s easy to sync all my run data online, but writing it down I think will help me better understand how I feel and how I’m doing. I’m using the Believe Journal which has a nice set up plus some little articles about running though out.


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