A Look Back at Being Dopey

I had planned on running the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon for awhile. I had been training hard to finish my soon to be 2nd full marathon. One day as I was scrolling though Facebook, I cam across a link that said “Dopey Challenge Half-off”.

The Dopey Challenge, for those who do not know is the task of running all of the events for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. You run a 5k, 10k, Half and Full all over the course of that weekend. Most often I don’t like the challenges. Personally I like to focus on my one race and run the best I can. But HALF OFF, I had to check it out since the other obstacle in running the Dopey Challenge is the hefty price tag. It seemed to good to be true, so I bought it immediately! And behold it was true! I couldn’t believe it, only 3 weeks until the marathon I took on 3 more races!

Now, this challenge in whole sounds overwhelming. But as I thought about it it’s no different than the training I was already doing. I would running shorter runs at the beginning of the week leading up to a long run. That helped in grasping what I was about to accomplish. The next challenge was getting up a 3am for the next 4 days and working at night after. (So many challenges in this challenge)


Day 1 – WDW 5k

The 5k takes you around the Epcot World Showcase, which is where most runDisney event 5ks will run which is always fun.


Day 2 – WDW 10k

Day 2 was a rainy day, and I dislike running in the rain. So no character stops, just kept running to finish so I could get somewhere dry. The course takes you again though the World Showcase and though the Disney Boardwalk.



Day 3 – WDW Half Marathon

Now it starts to get serious. Even though I’ve run about 8 half marathons before this each one is still a challenge. It’s where you begin to think “If I run to fast now, can I finish tomorrow” Luckily my friend running buddy Keith was running the Goofy Challenge and was running by my side the whole time. Having him around during a race is always the best. It certainly makes the time go by as we use the time to catch up on each others lives.


Day 4 – WDW Marathon

Here it is, the big day. 26.2 miles though 4 theme parks. Our plan of attack was to meet as many character as we could because during those times we would be resting our legs!


This event was truly an experience I won’t soon forget. I had the best time! Especially my reward to myself after was a large pizza from my favorite restaurant in Epcot Italy!


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